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About Us

Dance Teachers Network is a New York City based company. Founded by leaders in the dance industry, our leadership team has over 125 years of dance, corporate training and wellness experience. DTN offers new and creative methods to motivate, energize and excite your entire team from the CEO, management teams to the many departments and employees who make your company shine everyday!


Dance Teachers Network provides corporate offerings for management, leadership training and motivation or wellness activities for everyone to take part in. Our health and wellness activities show your employees and colleagues that their health and wellbeing is important to you. Employees will be happier and more alert, resulting in higher levels of productivity. Giving your employees an opportunity to learn a new skill like dancing could be a great way of saying “Thank you for your hard work” and the bonus is: IT’S

Whether you decide to bring the fun into your workplace, an off site visit to a private ball room space, or virtual sessions for your employees working from home – you can never go wrong! 


Edward Simon


Tonja Martin Dias

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