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Married Dancing Couple

The niche DTN support system - When you dance with us, you are also supporting young entrepreneurs. Almost all of our teachers have built successful careers working for dance studio operators, but are eager to start their own journeys as independent business men and women.


DTN understands and values the significance of your first dance as a married couple. Our teachers will prepare you with a wedding dance routine designed around how you would like to look and feel on the dance floor. The choreography will be custom made to fit the music selection and dance style of your choice.


Each package is tailored to fit your needs based on your schedule, budget, and expectations. Need help selecting a song? Our teachers have an array of songs for you to choose from.


We specialize in making sure our couples are comfortable and confident with every step they take together during that special dance on their special day. Many couples claim their lessons were the highlight of their entire wedding planning process!

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